Reseña sobre ABC Spanish Tuition

Reseña sobre ABC Spanish Tuition
I took a week long course with William at the ABC Spanish Tuition School back in June 2010 during a 7 day stay in La Paz. First off, what an amazing city to be in when learning Spanish! The people are very friendly and accommodating, even when speaking my beginner level Spanish on the street. William was no exception to that level of hospitality in La Paz. I took classes for 5 days and requested a group class if possible. William came through and another traveler interested in group instruction joined me for the week. William did a wonderful job meeting both of our learning requests simultaneously while also guiding us paired practice conversations that were very helpful! While the responsibility is now with me to practice my Spanish, William did everything possible to arm me with the tools to make the remainder of my stay in Bolivia and Peru that much easier as the language barrier was less of an issue. I'd highly recommend at least a week William, if not longer. [And the rumors are true, he also speaks French, which helped me as a fluent French speaker to draw parallels between the two languages!]


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