Reseña sobre INCA LAND TOURS

Reseña sobre INCA LAND TOURS
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Be careful! The man from the agency offered to take us from the airport to the city to speak about tours ´sin compromiso´ (meaning he offered us a ride if we would listen to the tour information). After speaking with the company, he took us to our hostel, and hastily said ´well are you going to the tour tomorrow or not?. We said we needed some moments to unpack, and we would come back to the office in a couple hours. May I point out that we were actually going to take the tour with them. At this point he became extremely rude and us to give him money for driving us. As much as I hate liars, I didnt want to cause a scene, but just told him that he was in bad form for lying to us, and trying to make an extra buck from unsuspecting tourists. Im happy at least there was a woman there to tell us the cost of the bus, so he couldnt rip us off more. Im also happy I didnt use this service, I wouldnt want to know how the tour guides act!

Be careful of Incaland Tours! They are not honest people!

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